About us

'Rhodes Study and Tours’ is the latest reliable educational consultancy stepped into the world of overseas education with the primary intention of leading the overseas-education aspirants into the right path and secondarily, protecting the students and their parents or sponsors from the exploitation. We even rendered our support and advice even before its formal establishment.

The profound inspiration and the satisfactory feedbacks from our clients, students, and their parents or sponsors have been the motivating factors in the foundation of ‘Rhodes Study and Tours Private Limited’. We, from the beginning, believed that the honest word-of-mouth marketing could easily outperform even the costly commercials with the false claims – and our belief was right! Rhodes Study and Tours has been earning more and more clients as the time ticks away.

With years of experience in the overseas consultation, Rhodes Study and Tours has formulated the easiest, highly reliable, flexible and economical overseas-study programs to virtually all seven continents. We do have a network of multinationals, friends and college delegates from different universities in different countries. Our venture is shaped and dedicated in a way that it can result in taking the students or abroad-study aspirants to reach their destination with the highest scale of reliability and honesty by all means.

Think of a career in a foreign land, Think of Rhodes Study and Travel.


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them world class customer service that is both reliable and competitively superior.


We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our vision is to provide to the point guidance to the students to achieve their goals through international education.

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