Even before the official establishment of ‘Rhodes Study and Travel’, our staff is well experienced in executing the documentation process without any delay and with due consideration with a relatively reasonable service charge

The different stages including documentation are just below.

  • Enroll your name in Rhodes Study and Tours for the course you wish to study.
  • The candidate should submit all the valid academic certificates, passport copy, photos, experience certificate, reference letter, resume, etc at our office once we help you in choosing the country, location and university.
  • A thorough validation of all the documents submitted. We inform the candidate of the errors occurred if any and instruct them how to rectify the errors.
  • We contact the college delegates and arrange the time for either face-to-face interview or Skype interview or whichever is mandatory.
  • Usually the acceptance letter is subjected to undergoing Skype interview or face-to-face interview with the college delegates or securing the required score in IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • All the completed visa application form will require certain period of time before scheduling a visa interview at the concerned embassy.
  • Once you successfully go through the visa interview, the visa is approved.

All procedures are carried with utmost care and consideration. Furthermore, we are there always for you even when you encounter problems related to your documents until you rectify it.

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